Below are services that we provide, since pricing can vary per customer budget please contact us for further information and inquiries.
A logo includes 3-5 Rounds. The first round includes multiple different logos to help you figure out what you like and what you don't. the second round narrows down the logos and includes variations of one logo. the third round focuses on finalizing the design. the (potential) fourth and fifth rounds focus on fonts and any final corrections that may be asked. With this logo you will receive multiple colors, versions (if needed), and file types. This will help you to expand your business and develop better customer relations. 
style guide
A style guide will include all font packages and color codes as well as any icons or graphics needed for your business operations. This does not include a logo, but can be paired with one.
Product design & Mockups
Product design includes a design for a tangible product, and a 3D digital design featuring your logo. This is targeted towards customers that offer physical goods rather than services. You can view "Woodside wine" under our "work" page to see an example of this service. This does include a label design or package design. this does not include a logo from scratch.
Business cards
A business card design includes 3 rounds. The first round includes multiple designs for you to choose from. the second round focuses on layout and text design. the third round allows for any corrections or changes. we can do one design and let you fill in the text, or we can make custom cards for each employee.
Marketing documents
Various marketing documents including letterheads, posters, social media designs, etc. This price and project scope varies depending on the project.
We can create a short video to advertise your business. this can be created using stock footage or b-roll shot by our team. the price varies depending on price and length of footage. we also create logo animations that can be added to any of your marketing videos.
T-shirt design
A t-shirt design includes multiple colors and file types for various shirts to be printed. I do not print the shirts, I only create the design. If this is for a school function or fundraiser I will create the design for free, all I require is a t-shirt to support your cause!
Design inquiry
If you have any business needs not listed above, we're open to a challenge! Please contact us with your inquiry and we will be in touch.
We also have a store with stickers, Art prints, 3d Resin prints, and shirts. If you If you have any design that needs printing in small quantities, we may be able to work with you! 
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